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Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

Why join frog?

Joining frog means you’ll be joining the “pond,” a global network of studios, each with a thriving in-person and vibrant virtual culture. frogs are curious, collaborative, and courageous, united by our passion for improving the human experience through design, while each bringing our unique and diverse skills and experiences to the table. We draw on our global reach and local knowledge to solve complex problems and design innovative, sustainable solutions that touch hearts and move markets. frogs prize humour, positivity, and community just as highly as performance and outcomes. Our culture is open, flexible, inclusive, and engaging. Working at frog means being empowered to Make Your Mark on every project, in your studio, your community—and the world at large.

Freelance or Perm Role

Can be fully remote!

Who we are:

We free you to do the best work of your life.

What is it like to work at frog? The diversity of people and projects varies tremendously. We are both thinkers and doers. Collaboration is ingrained in our culture as well as our method. We come from a multitude of backgrounds and our expertise bridges disciplines and spans industries, including automotive, medical, consumer, retail, software, technology, finance, and many others. Our extraordinary collection of talent—analytical and artistic, conservative and unconventional, technical and whimsical—makes working at frog a truly unique experience. Our interdisciplinary approach is what keeps our clients coming back and new clients knocking on our door. With such diversity in our ranks, we are always able to orchestrate and customize each client engagement to ensure a positive balance between emotional experiences for consumers and economic benefits for clients.

What does it mean to work at frog? It means working alongside the best talent in the world, including at least a few that are smarter than you. It means facing new challenges and often being asked to work outside your comfort zone. We take on the complex challenges, the big asks, and the 'never been done befores' of the world. We love what we make!

The Role: Senior Talent Acquisition Partner 
Finding talent in today’s world is a vigorous process. With a limited talent pool, a high degree of competition and a significant level of selectivity about the people we choose to work with, recruiting for frog’s regional and global teams is not for the faint of heart.
As a result, we’re not just looking for your average recruiter, but for someone who can own the function top to bottom, with a great degree of independence, for our studios in San Francisco and Seattle. We aim to identify a candidate who currently has front-line exposure to the entire range of current topics and services, and is passionate about them to an infectious degree. These include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

  • Sourcing, engaging and securing top-tier talent
  • Managing candidates and their experience with frog through the entire selection process
  • Building talent pools/communities
  • Global mobility challenges
  • Recruiting metrics/KPI’s

The Contribution:
In this broad, influential role, you will call on your deep experiences in recruitment to generate a consistent, relevant supply of talent for frog’s teams in our West Coast studios. You can expect to be thoroughly challenged by the range of roles you’ll be focusing on (from intern to Executive Director). Ideally, you'll have deep expertise in recruiting either Creative or Technology talent, as we see a consistent need for high-caliber hires in those areas.   
As a member of frog’s global HR and Talent Acquisition team, you will operate with a great degree of freedom to do what you do best; connect with superbly talented individuals worldwide to present frog as an employer of choice. You will guide them through the entire selection process, culminating in a successful hire.  
Internally, you will function as an active contributor to the ever-changing discussion around our global recruitment needs and roadmap. By establishing deep, trust-based relationships with your peers and partners across frog’s US (and global) studios, you are able to define and differentiate immediate, mid- and long-term needs and priorities. More than that, you’ll be able to determine, from such roadmaps, which specific tactics to implement to successfully deliver results, and look forward to execute on these initiatives.
This position will also contribute to, and sometimes act as a lead on, process improvement efforts associated with global priorities.  These improvements will be in the areas of improving candidate experience, building manager capability, and scaling our processes. This will require someone who can develop strong relationships (both internally and externally) while continuing to deliver on our current needs.
Of course there are also those aspects to the function which you’d reasonably expect any recruiter to tackle:  

  • Conducting phone screens, interviews and reference checks
  • Keeping information relevant and current and proactively communicating to key stakeholders the status of each selection process/candidate and their role in the process
  • Passionately and authentically representing frog and our opportunities

You Are:
You have to be creative, resourceful and very hands on.  The right candidate is very intuitive, thorough and possesses a high degree of emotional and social intelligence. S/he understands the nuances of creating a great candidate experience and manages people, processes, and priorities to deliver that experience. 
Absolutely critical is a thorough understanding of the intricacies of recruiting for highly selective creative consultancies, and an innate ability to feel out how people evaluate and make decisions around career opportunities in this space.  We are looking for a recruiter who is invested in, and capable of, understanding the nuances of how our projects flow and our work gets executed. After all, you will be asked to function as an ambassador for frog, positioning the value of a career with us.
A successful candidate is well organized, flexible, and thrives in a fast-paced, dynamic and often ambiguous environment. We are looking for someone who is a self-starter and highly effective in team environments, including building strong relationships.  You must be diligent in follow through and very detail oriented.
To successfully be considered a contender for this position, a few additional points should be noted:

  • To deliver on the objectives as outlined, you will have built up significant experience in internal recruitment. We anticipate that you’ll need to bring significant post-graduation experience to the table to be successful.
  • The world of creative consultancies in general, and integrated design firms in particular, is a unique beast. It will be exceptionally challenging to succeed without prior experience in a similar setting.
  • You will have developed a specific expertise in identifying, engaging and securing Creative or Technology talent, but are capable of performing equally well in recruiting for roles outside of your core expertise (Strategy, Program Management, Business Development, etc.).
  • You need to be able to legally work in the US without restrictions. Unfortunately we cannot support or sponsor visa applications for this role.

Equal Opportunities at frog

frog is an Equal Opportunity Employer encouraging diversity in the workplace. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, national origin, gender identity/expression, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, genetics, veteran status, marital status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

frog is a global business with teams working across the world. To help us process your application, please ensure that your application documents (CV, cover letter, portfolio, etc.) are all in English.